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En ocasiones, pienso. No lo hago demasiado, porque es un ejercicio cansado y que a veces duele. Y, aún así, os lo recomiendo.


Some time ago I talked about respect in another post (sorry guys, it was in Spanish) and today I really wanted to share with you one precise example that illustrate what I understand as it. But, nevertheless, this post is

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There is no planet B2B

There are a lot of studies showing new generations consuming behaviours are different than older ones. Maybe we were used to buy things, to consume goods, but younger generations want to buy experiences, to consume emotions. They want an impact. On themselves, on integrity (moral), on the planet.

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Fear paralysis reflex

The Fear Paralysis Reflex is a primitive reflex that develops in the embryonic stage and stays with us all along our life. It is just one of our self-defence and survival mechanisms and, technically it should merge into the Moro

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Myself when I am real

It is nice when you feel yourself. In fact, they all say you have to be yourself (unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman). But "being yourself" and "being professional" seems to collide sometimes.

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Digital transformation

"Nowadays, luxury is to talk face to face with a human" - sociologist. "This is the new pyramidal scam: grow and sell, grow and sell" - Start-up experience CTO. "We're here to last" - CPO giving vision. "If you have

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