Some time ago I talked about respect in another post (sorry guys, it was in Spanish) and today I really wanted to share with you one precise example that illustrate what I understand as it.

But, nevertheless, this post is about gratitude.

Last week was a tough week. With a very hard morning on one of the days. I got to midday exhausted and, in fact, sad and angry. I really needed to speak about a topic with a very special guy with a fancy name and high in the hierarchical scale. One of those "crossing-the-red-line" topics that couldn't wait for some days.

He was having lunch with other guy but answered my message within minutes and promised to look for me when he was back at the office. So, with the expectation of some free time for me and the willingness to have my emotions under control, I went to our chill room, got confortable and began to meditate for a while.

After fifteen minutes I felt relieved and calmed. I saw him through the glass door and sent him a message: "I was meditating, I am at the chill room". He entered. "I saw you, I didn't want to bother you."


After my crazy and urgent message, after my "we need to talk now", he was able to respect what he saw it was a need for me. Important versus urgent, you know, that well known song.

Once together, the topic was covered and treated with the respect and serenity that it needed with my emotions under control, being able to leave behind the sadness and the anger.

A, thank you. Giving me this 15 minutes really made my day.

unsplash-logoCover photo by Simon Maage