Every Thursday at 3pm I run an internal event called Agile Café at my hub. There are no rules and the conversation flows organically. Just this makes it worthy.

But yesterday conversation went over a lot of interesting topics and, eventually, we pass over Thomas Cook. A company with 130 years of history doing business. Solid business, traditional business, with a lot of know-how about "how thinks are done here". Like Kodak was. Or RIM (the BlackBerry guys).

Fortune 500 top is still Walmart, from 1962, but with a profit loss 0f 32%. But if you look at fastest growing companies, you will find Amazon, Centene (healthcare 35 years-old company) or Facebook, as top 3, but also Netflix and lots of tech savvy and social companies.

Today Google is 21 years old.

We are trying to live a post-industrial era in an industrial way, some times. Time for change.

unsplash-logoCover photo by Ross Parmly