Maybe you are not an expert, neither am I, but as a customer (because you are) you can feel something is happening.

There are a lot of studies showing new generations consuming behaviours are different than older ones. Maybe we were used to buy things, to consume goods, but younger generations want to buy experiences, to consume emotions. They want an impact. On themselves, on integrity (moral), on the planet.

So, how to deal with it from our industrial -maker- point of view? Where someone sells something integrating parts and services of many others, adding value over the process (or at least trying to). What about the close and opaque market of Business to Business? Let's be honest: it is dying, losing sense.

The first time I read about the end of B2B era was about 2014. I did not got it completely, but this first words made sense for me. A maker, a factory, cannot deliver experiences and emotions. Brands can.

And the key here is to understand that brands themselves transcend their owners. They can (and should) not only deliver but create a relationship between it and the customer and maybe between customers creating some kind of membership pride.

With this scenario, does it make any sense to discuss who is creating physically one thing? Who is delivering a part of the service? Who is transporting goods from point A to point B? Who is answering the phone on a call center? The answer is so obvious once you start destroying the wall we all create between our corporative-self in our job and our customer-self in our personal life. No, it does not make any sense. Nobody cares. Well, they will care once one of them fail at their duty.

But we still choose our service partners based on costs and contracts, not on shared purpose, and, still worse, organise inside our companies talking about internal customers. Internal customers! As we were there in order to sell something to another one under the same organisation. Non sense.

Looking for an impact, maybe for Earth, being conscious and acting conscious became natural and it is the best (and maybe only) choice when you understand that there is no planet B. You know what? There is no planet B2B.

unsplash-logoCover photo by NeONBRAND