Note to my readers: this is my first English post. I am now working on a company where English is the first language and I use it on an every day basis... but English is not my first language but my third. Nevertheless, awesome Matteo Bruno challenged me to do so I can reach a wider audience and spread my ideas... so don't hit me too hard when you see first mistake ;)

"One day you have to explain me how you do it", someone said me this week. We had just spend one hour talking and trying to figure out what to do. "Thank you, what you did is awesome", another one shared with me. We did a challenging one on one jumping from a room to another without one booked. "Oh, but you have arranged everything, maybe is a problem", a third guy told me. I had just apologised because I had not taken into account a guy from his team relevant for a topic. "I'm pretty sure about my decision but I just wanted to double check, thank you", a leader gave me as a prize after just for listening to him about a crisis to manage. "We have a challenge for you, we want you to write a blog post about this" has been more or less the last words I have listen to this week at the office.

This week I had nine one on ones, been invited to three different squad ceremonies or meetings, a transformation group session, a small talk/discussion about Agility with a team member, prepared some documentation about one of my firsts actions to be taken and work on an event that will take place next Monday. Also, of course, I have been opened to talk and listen with anyone who has approached me.

And, of course, I am a human and I am tired. Also I feel fulfilled. They all gave me honesty, trust, respect... and also smiles, good mornings, hand shakes and maybe a hug.

But, when I looked into myself, and I try to recall every moment and try to synthesise why I am doing this, what I want "to teach", what is exactly the influence I want to have over these people, I always reach the same exact thought. Do not look for approval, do not look for strong guidance, do not look for merits, prizes or recognition. Just understand what you do have to share, the very best of you. Just understand why are you here and what is the common purpose. And just give for the sake of giving.

unsplash-logoConver photo by Lina Trochez